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About Us

Who We Are & Why We Do It

We are a detailing company based on the South Coast of Cornwall in the St. Austell bay area. We are unit based with a full mobile set up.

Combining a love for all things automotive and over 10 years of experience working in the industry, we started the business truly to express our passion. This experience has included paint correction, ceramic coating and all aspects of standard detailing. We aim to be successful in what we do and more importantly provide customers with a service that will leave them astounded.

Every vehicle is treated with care, enthusiasm and copious amounts of attention to detail. Our gallery and quality of work speaks for itself, we take pride in what we do and take our time to get every vehicle to its highest possible standard – job and customer satisfaction is priceless.

We combine a series of safe wash techniques and the use of all pH neutral products this ensures that your vehicle is treated as gently and as carefully as possible. 


How We Work

We have standard procedures and price lists in place but we work with you to understand the service you require allowing every customer to create their own package – giving you guaranteed satisfaction. We work mainly from our unit because most of the services we provide are specialist and require your vehicle to be in a dry, dust free environment. We also offer a mobile service for our more standard packages.

What We Do

We provide expert valeting, detailing and paint correction services to suit your needs. You don’t need an Aston Martin or a Rolls Royce to enjoy our services; you simply need a vehicle you love. We cover all types of paint correction and detailing on all types of motor vehicles including marine vessels. We offer a wide range of products and services to enhance and protect your prized asset. We believe that you can do something quick and inexpensive or you can do it properly.

In order for us to achieve the final product that our customers want to see – a series of different steps have to be followed – dependent on the package that is required/ordered by the customer – it’s all in the preparation:

Washing & drying the vehicle

pH neutral snow foam is applied to vehicle which will agitate any dirt and allow it to fall to the lower areas of the vehicle, any areas that are tough to reach will be agitated further with fine bristled brushes. The snow foam and dirt will be thoroughly power washed to prepare for the next step.

Safe Wash – 3 Bucket Method with Grit Guards

Bucket 1: Clean water

Bucket 2: A pH neutral shampoo with clean, fresh water

Bucket 3: A pH neutral shampoo with clean, fresh water for the wheels

Using a wash mitt for the paintwork and separate mitt for the wheels along with a soft wheel brush to reach the inner rim

This method prevents any unwanted swirls or fine scratches from being ingrained and etched into the vehicles paintwork and wheels

Drying the Vehicle

We use quality drying towels to dry the main parts of the vehicle – a separate towel for the wheels. The remaining parts of the vehicle will be blown out with an air blower to remove trapped water from the rubbers and surrounds


All vehicles that have been exposed to the elements have contamination of some sorts, even new vehicles. The different contamination consists of:

Tar spots – from the road surfaces

Iron – small metal particles that float in the air and embed in the paint

Contamination from the environment i.e. bird muck, tree sap, road salt and pollen

There are a variety of different ways that contamination can be removed, we assess this accordingly and remove it in the safest way possible

Assessment & Masking

Now the car is dry we can assess to see if there are any defects in the paintwork, this will be carried out panel by panel. We use specialist lighting to observe the paint along with paint depth gauges to monitor the depth of the lacquer or in cases the ‘solid’ colour on the vehicle. This allows us to see if the vehicle has had body repairs, how hard or how soft the paint is. This information is used by the detailer to make the decision of which polishes, compounds, heads and machine speeds are safe to use on the surface. This assessment also allows us to make a decision on whether any panels will need further work i.e. light, wet sanding to remove any bigger defects i.e. bird droppings or bigger scratches.

We will mask any rubbers, plastics or convertible materials that are at risk of either being caught with the machine polisher or attracting the residual substances of the polishes and compounds.

Wet Sanding & Polishing

We will wet sand any areas that need it i.e. bird dropping staining or bigger scratches – Using some of the highest quality products on the market we will apply a series of polishes or compounds to your vehicle which are machined using a variation of different machine heads and machine sizes dependent on the size of the panel – this varies from vehicle to vehicle. After this process is complete we will remove any oily texture from the paintwork using diluted isopropanol alcohol which is alcohol in its purest form. This will remove any oils that are hiding any fine scratches that may remain, to allow further polishing to take place and repeat until zero defects remain.

Waxing & Sealing Paintwork

A coat of high quality carnauba (sometimes 2 coats) wax will be applied to all painted surfaces. (The package chosen by the customer will determine whether we should apply a ceramic sealant or coating to the paint).

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating –  A ceramic coating is a solution of ceramic nano particles which are suspended in a clear resin, when applied to paintwork this hardens and cross-links at a chemical level in order to form a protective, impermeable layer. This level of protection isn’t as comprehensive as paint protection film but highly beneficial to your paint’s protection, gloss and longevity. (Ceramic coatings are not rock hard surfaces that prevent scratches, nor are they an impenetrable barrier on your paint, and they will not magically keep your car perfectly clean all the time!). It is recommended that the maintenance of the vehicle should be carried out by an experienced detailer or valeter to prolong the ceramic coating. Using a hand car wash to maintain your freshly treated vehicle will result in them removing the ceramic coating with the aggressive products which they use to agitate dirt and road grime.  The benefits of having a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle include protection from UV rays, sunlight, stains and etching. A good ceramic coating enhances the reflective properties of your cars paint and clear coat, adding to the depth and clarity of your paint and providing extremely high hydrophobic properties. Our aim is to provide a service that will last, please do not be fooled by ‘detailers & valeters’ that are offering this service for a very cheap rate without having the car thoroughly assessed and polished – every vehicle that is ceramic coated should under go a full 2-3 stage machine polish before having the ceramic coating applied to the surface. We offer a variety of different ceramic coatings which provide various hardness’,gloss and protection – the pricing of these reflect the quality of the coating applied. 

Convertibles & Canopies

We can thoroughly clean fabric/convertible canopies to remove embedded dirt, bird muck or mould. We will dry the canopy and apply a protection or seal to help deter the elements.

Windows & Glass

Windows and glass will be thoroughly cleaned and polished where necessary. We can also apply ceramic coatings to windows and glass to allow for longer lasting protection. Interior glass will be cleaned and polished.

Wheel Correction

In some cases, where necessary the wheels will be removed. They will have a further wash inside and out using pH neutral products, they will then follow the same procedure as the paintwork and be decontaminated and prepared. Wheels will be waxed and dependent on the package will have sealant and ceramic coating applied.

Engine Bay

This is a very time consuming process and varies from vehicle to vehicle – modern cars are a lot safer to do than some of the older stuff! Any electrical components will be covered and if possible the engine bay will be de-greased, agitated with brushes and pressure washed. The engine bay is then thoroughly dried using an air blower to allow for the appropriate products to be applied.

Interior & Upholstery

We can provide a range of different services on the interior. We recommend a thorough deep clean on any interior this will include wet vacuuming or steam cleaning all upholstery including seats, carpets, door cards and if necessary headlining. All plastics, dashboards and leather will be deep cleaned using soft bristle brushes around small crevices and will then have dressing applied to them. We also offer a range of protection for upholstery, carpets, plastics and leather which will protect them from every day wear and tear.

Plastics & Rubbers

All external plastics and rubbers will be treated.

All of the above information is subject to which service or package is chosen between Pure Detailing and the customer. Every detail that we provide will include the washing and drying stages and in most cases the decontamination process. For more information or for a free quote please contact us directly.

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