Things to check when choosing a detailer

Your vehicle is often your second biggest purchase after a house. As this is a big investment and in theory should be your pride and joy you should want to maintain and protect it. There are some guys locally (probably locally to all good detailers) that claim to be detailers – when in reality they are valeting companies trying to earn more money from their clients but still providing a valeting service, in a nut shell these guys won’t have the skills, tools or time to detail correctly. This is not criticism of the valeting industry but a valeter valets and a detailer details, there is a huge difference, so be sure you are getting the service you are paying for.  Some people will say ‘can’t you do it for any less than that’ or ‘so and so have quoted half the price’ our motto is: If you buy cheap you will buy twice.

  1. Time taken to complete the service you require – A standard interior and exterior detail should take 1 detailer 2-5hours (more than likely to be closer to 5 hours, depending on the condition of the vehicle).  YOU WILL NOT GET THE QUALITY FROM A PLACE THAT OFFERS A SERVICE IN AN HOUR OR LESS
  2. Cost and pricing – Everyone shops, shopping is common no matter what you are buying, looking for the best price, we understand that. A good detailers prices are higher than a valeters prices and in some cases will be higher than some of the other detailers in the area. You have to take into consideration the quality of the detailers tools, products, experience and the time he/she is offering to spend on your vehicle it really is that situation where you get what you pay for. Some of the jobs in our ‘projects gallery’ have taken 20+ hours to complete, the attention to detail with any good company is second to none. A GOOD DETAILER WILL NOT GIVE YOU A FINAL PRICE OVER THE PHONE! We like to see the vehicle in person and in some cases assess it with specialist equipment – every vehicle is different.
  3. REPUTATION – Granted, everyone has to start somewhere, but experience is essential in this field. It is often the case in this day and age that people swear by online reviews ‘if they only have 4 stars we aren’t using them’ sort of attitude, if you are going to do this be sure to check multiple places for reviews i.e. google, facebook etc.
  4. Satisfaction – A good detailer will always swear by their work (we do) and will be willing to ensure you satisfaction, there will never be 100% guarantee on some of the services that a detailer provides unless you continue to use them for the maintenance of your vehicle for the remainder of it’s life. There should not be a detailer in the world that would ensure you and be 100% confident that he/she can remove all imperfections without taking a look at the vehicle first! Any good company will walk around the vehicle with the client assessing imperfections, scratches and other marks together and the detailer should explain (in some cases) why it is not possible to remove some imperfections i.e. a scratch is too deep, in which case it can be touched up or it would need re-painting. Giving you a personal, unique experience.
  5. Equipment and products – Like any profession, a professional should invest in the correct tools and equipment- the biggest thing to look out for is the machine polisher, some of the polishers on the market at the moment can create more damage than they are worth, although the people using them will tell you other wise. You want to make sure the detailer is using machine polishing brands such as Rupes, Flex or Festool for quality and finishing purposes. Product wise, this is well and truly a detailers preference, some of the cheaper products on the market match the quality of the expensive ones and do a great job e.g. for cleaning and dressing surfaces but when the detailing gets into the specialist fields such as machine polishing, ceramic coating and paint correction make sure your detailer is using some of the more expensive, higher quality products. You can always ask the detailer questions about his/her products and the brands etc. – A detailer should be able to explain and show you his products without hesitation and should have a few options for you to chose from in certain aspects of the machine polishing, ceramic coating and paint correction stages i.e. ceramic coatings can range from £25.00 to £300+ just for the product! Again you pay for what you get.
  6. Facilities & location – Again, everyone starts somewhere, always be wary of a detailer that doesn’t have/have access to a premises or a clean, dust free location where he/she can carry out some aspects of detailing. Some detailers are fully mobile, this isn’t a problem at all but the professionalism should come with it.  Mobile detailers are very convenient for clients that want their cars maintained whilst they are at work or simply if they would feel more comfortable having it maintained at their home. Don’t be fooled by some detailers with ‘gucci’ looking premises and work vehicles, money can buy the material things but it can’t buy experience and professionalism – a nice, clean, tidy and well presented detailing workshop, van and clean equipment is what you should be looking for.

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